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mally beauty face defender

 mally beauty face defender

 I think you guys are thinkingusanne why do you look like an oily mess huh don't you know how to set your face and the answer is yes I do Union

how to set my face but I wanted to take the I was doing a wear test on I was actually doing a full face of samples you can check out that video I will leave it in the comment section below um and I got to be on another day and I looked at my face and I said holy moly you look like a like literally baby oil fried chicken sitting out in the Sun like greasy mess like yeah some people like to be this doing but I think this is a little too dewy and it's attributed to a couple of things check out that video and you'll find out but I want to take this chance to do a first impression on this product right here and this is um this is the ever color poreless face

defender by Molly Beatty this is what

she looks like Scott this is basically

pact silica yes yes so what I want to do

is I want to test this out and see if it

can mattify this and then I'm gonna do a

little bit of a wear test with it

eat some food do some stuff come back in

a couple hours and see is my face still

looks right so I'm gonna zoom you guys

in and we're gonna give us a little shot

hello people how about so I'm going to

do is I'm going to first take a paper

towel I'm just going to yeah just to

soak up it's not any excess oil and I

don't really areas okay then comes with

this fun this is the most giant sponge

I've ever seen in my life but I'm going

to grab the sponge and I'm just going to

do that I don't even know how much that

is because it's transparent but you know

like press and then what I'm going to do

is I'm just going to dab um whoa

instantly mattified

do you see that do you have my forehead

what your whole chin

I like this all that okay

you see the difference pores look

minimized and shine is gone pores are

emphasized extra shine same with the

forehead you see that that is

interesting okay

while you guys are here this close let's

do the second time

I do have like a little mark there but

do you see that it's still no more Wow

Museum you guys out very cool huh I

don't know how I feel about this sponge

because I feel like it's wicked

thick and giant and how would I clean it

I don't know but I am totally matte do

you see that I'm so mad I love it

I like being matte so that's what I look

like right now it is 8 o'clock o'clock

at night I'm going to give it a couple

hours and I will be back and we'll see

if I look this Maxo so it looks like now

totally refreshed and I'll see you guys

in a couple hours so it is now almost

like 11 I believe and um so it's been a

good like 3 hours since I put this on my

face and I really like this product it's

pretty cool I feel like my pores look

minimized and definitely fix a lot of my

glow enos like how you can feel like a

little bit of glow enos peeking through

but it didn't feel like it added any

heaviness or anything to my face I

really like it ate like some hot dogs

and watching TV clean the kitchen like

I've been moving around so this is a

really cool product to have on hand I

don't know about this like it's a very

unique kind of sponge but it's just

really big like what do you do with this

where do you put this um but I feel like

the texture of the sponge is perfect for

the texture of this I don't know maybe

like a kabuki brush a smoke or something

like this like me work like a dual fibre

like if I go like this

but and this thing has a mirror - you

know sis oh this actually works quite

well okay yeah I like that yeah I like

that I just feel like that sponge even

though like the texture it feels perfect

for it it's just really weird it's a

really weird shape and it gets dirty and

I don't know it's very strange so I

don't know how much I like this sponge

but this product i'm really liking so

yeah um let me know in the comment

section below if you guys have ever

tried this product I heard about it from

Emily Noelle Durand so I picked it up

when it was 50% off this is usually $40

and they sold out of it I got it for $20

during the Ulta 21 days of beauty so let

me know in the comment section below if

you've ever tried this product what you

guys think of it um yeah

subscribe to my channel before you guys

leave I just wanted to do a quick video

on this and see you know what to deal

with I've had it since at the IV sale

and I've never really played around with

it and I was really curious if it

actually did what it's supposed to doand I really like the results so yeah

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